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    Hi there, I am Luca pure ITALIAN guy, 180cm (5’11”) tall and 84kg (185 lbs) weight. My pics 100% real and recent show how I am in every detail. Could tell you something more about me but here I prefer to concentrate on describe what I do: my target IS ALWAYS TO PUT YOUR DESIRES ON THE FIRST PLACE and fulfil them in the best way possible, from vanilla to rough sex. More! If you have special imaginations well I AM YOUR MAN! Fed up with quick, improvised and little sharers escorts that pay attention only to money and not to your requestes, without feeling any complicity? Well I AM EVEN MORE YOUR MAN! Stop with fast and icy sex, take your time for trying the “haute cuisine” of this kind of service. Please feel free to phone me on (+39)3338910103 but don’t send me SMS or chat, thanks. Last but not least, I LIVE IN MILAN but I can travel throughout Italy and abroad without problem.

    Phone number: (+39)3338910103
    Twitter: Luca_Borromeo

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